Guitar Lessons Mansfield for Young and Mature Students

Guitar Lessons Mansfield? I teach people of all ages to play the guitar, from beginners to advanced players specialising in most styles of guitar but not classical.

The Cost of Guitar Lessons

I charge £20 an hour for guitar lessons. You can have a lesson weekly or every two weeks. Young children can have a 30 minute lesson and the cost is £10.00

Am I to Old to Start Learning the Guitar?

You are never to old to learn the guitar. In fact I have found mature students learn just as fast as younger students. Age is no problem and I specialise in teaching mature students so book your guitar lessons today.

Stuck in a Rut and in Need of Some Guitar Lessons

If you are stuck in a rut or feel you are not getting anywhere with the guitar why book some guitar lessons and see just how much you will improve. If you need any advice on buying a guitar, setting a guitar up, in fact any advice to do with guitar, playing in bands, band equipment then call or email. Advice is free and there is over 30 years of experience to back it up.

Open Tunings

DADGAD is a very popular tuning. Learn the chords and theory. I have plenty of pieces to learn in dadgad and there are of course many other different tunings to learn.

Is Your Guitar Setup Properly

A guitar that has a poor setup will hinder your learning and can cause a lot of frustration. There is nothing that gives students more confidence when you set up their guitars. Some have even commented that it is like having a new one put in their hands. I will check the set up of your guitar when you start your lessons and the setup service is free of charge. If you play guitar and feel that you are not getting the best from it why not give me a call for advice about guitar set ups. You can contact me by or you can email me using the contact page.

The Styles

What’s To Learn

I don't teach group classes but if you wish to take guitar lessons with a friend or relative then it is okay to do so.