chesterfield Rehearsal Space Band Practice and Recording Studio

One of the biggest problems when putting a band together is finding somewhere to rehearse. In past years the best rooms you could find where in pubs and clubs or if you were lucky you might have a mate who had a small factory who would let you set up all your gear on the factory floor.

In the last few years dedicated rehearsal rooms have been set up and the good thing about these rooms is that they have Drum kits, Guitar Amps and Pa systems on site.

The very best of these rehearsal rooms that I have used has to be Chesterfield Rehearsal Space. They have 4 large sound proofed rooms. They are kitted out with all the gear you could ever need, but not just any old band gear. I walk in to the the room we have hired only to see a top of the range Ampeg Bass Combo sat next to a Tama Drum Kit. Now that is what I call back line. There are a couple Marshall Combos to choose from or you can take your own Guitar Amp as I did. The drummer just needs to take his cymbals. There is also a first class PA system with mixing desk for vocals or keyboards.

But that's not all. These guys have a kitchen and they ask all the people on their Facebook page what they would like stocked in the fridge! That's what I call service. There is a car park at the rear which makes easy access to the rooms. The place is clean, tidy and well decorated and all the staff are very friendly and all have more hair than me!

If you are looking for a relaxed environment to work in with your band then this is the place for you. It is great value for money and it will always be my first choice for a practice venue where I can hone my tunes.

For more information about Chesterfield Rehearsal Space, call Sam Whitaker: 07846 273907.

Visit the Website: Chesterfield Rehearsal Space

Chesterfield Rehearsal Space picture of Rehearsal Room Chesterfield Rehearsal Space picture of Rehearsal Room