Blackstar Id Core 40 Stereo, This Is No Bedroom Amplifier

It's always good to try new guitars and amps. But when it has the name Blackstar and you are a guitar player then you are usually sat on the edge of your seat waiting for the new amp to come in to your local guitar shop. The Blackstar Id Core 40 is not only an amazing amp, it is unbelievably cheap. £159.00 for a 40 watt stereo guitar amp. And cheap does not mean that is just a bedroom amp. This amp is studio and live material.

A 10 watt for £89.00, a 20 watt for £119.00. I also have a 20 watt that I use for teaching. The amps are easy to setup, simple to use and very light weight when you are on the move. The effects are stunning in full wide stereo and using the Blackstar Insider software you can get just about any sound you want from these amazing blast boxes.

I am not going to go in to every detail of the amp as there are plenty of reviews on the net that do that. Instead I will post some YouTube Videos of some of the sounds I get out of it. Get your self down to a guitar shop that stocks them. When you try you will want to buy!

In this first video I am using the massive stereo reverb with a clean sound and a Gibson Les Paul