Nashville Altered Tunings

Here is a track that I composed in the 6/9 chord tuning that I have used for a number of years. This time I decided to give it a Nashville flavour. What's that I hear you ask? A Nashville tuning is taking the upper octave strings form a 12 string. The term Nashville comes well, from Nashville. It is used alot by country artists hence the name. But most players use in standard tuning. I thought it would be a good idea to try the 6/9 tuning using the Nashville stringing method.

This tuning is not without it's problems though. It is a struggle with the intonation especially the second string. Even when not using the Nashville stringing and you can hear it in the video.

Getting the string gauges right can be tricky and a bit trial and error. I originally set the guitar up in the key of C but found I was a little off with string gauges being too heavy. So I dropped it down to the key of B which made most of the string gauges just about right, with the exception of the D string which is an 18 plain. A 16 would be perfect I think. The neck of the Guitar goes convexed with the lack of tension so the truss had to be slackened. On the guitar I used, the adjustment ran out so the neck is still a little straight. The sixth string rattles odd times if I leather it to hard but most of the time it is fine.

If you were going to use this tuning a lot then I think it would best to have a guitar set up for it and kept just for the using of it.

One neat trick with this guitar set up though. If you tune the 1st string and the sixth string up to C# you get the tuning Gb sus2, the fifth string becoming the root.

The best thing about Altered Tunings is the sheer creativity and the great sounds you can get from them. I hope this post helps someone with their music.

Strings tuned from the 1st to the sixth: B, Ab, Gb, Db, Gb, B.

String Gauges: from the 1st to the sixth: 12, 16, 10, 16, 22, 28.

The track is called Buxom Non Aperire. Hope you like it.