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I have been a guitarist for the 42 years and a guitar teacher for 28 of those years. Over that time music and the music industry have changed so much. But has the guitar changed? The technology around it certainly has. But I like to think the guitar itself has not really changed over the last 40 years.

The way the guitar has evolved playing wise over the years however is staggering. What makes the Guitar so special is it’s versatility as an instrument and you can find it’s involvement in most genres of music.

Why Some Players are Unique

Having studied and played most styles of guitar over the years, it still amazes me how so many players have put a personal stamp on some styles. In fact to the point were the first note they play identifies them. One of my favourite guitar players is Eric Clapton who is identified with the blues. People often ask me why I think he is so special. The answer is in the first note. “That’s Eric”.

Some players have pushed the boundaries of guitar to it’s absolute limits and yet the guitar is an instrument in which you can become a master or you can just learn a few chords and strum a few songs with your friends.

Best Approach for Learning the Guitar

As a guitar teacher I get asked a lot of questions about learning the guitar such as, do I have to learn how to read music? Do I have to take exams? How much time do I have to spend practicing? My answer to learning the guitar is, do it how you want to do it.

For the guitar to survive it needs characters to take it and do their own thing with it.

Once it becomes a one way to learn clinical art it will also become a dying art.